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Website Layout Types

Responsive Web Development is neither “fluid” web design, nor is it “adaptive” web design. As a matter of fact, it’s a little bit of both. In this article we will take a brief, but closer look at the concepts behind the basic types of website layouts. We will take a brief look at which has been the driving force of

Touch, click… pointer

A problem that has plagued developers since the inception of the touch device, is properly emulating interaction whether the user has a mouse or are using their finger. Why has it been a problem? Is it really necessary to work around this "issue"? If it is necessary, how complex must the solution be and can it encompass all devices, and

HTML Email Development Tips

It goes against every rule of modern web development best practices, but HTML emails need to be developed using Tables and inline styles instead of divs and cascading style sheets. Divs and styles will actually work in some modern email clients; however, not all will render a reliable result. As such, we must rely on the solid structure offered by